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Photinia 'Red Robin' (Photinia x fraseri)


About Photinia 'Red Robin'

A bushy, upright, low-maintenence evergreen, boasting spectacular year-round foliage, tolerant of full sun and mild drought.

Highly decorative, the elegant and hardy Photinia ‘Red Robin’, offers a stunning array of seasonal colour, making it an ideal specimen hedge.

Glossy, elliptical, 10cm dark-green broad leaves are complemented in spring and summer by the flush of new pink growth. Once matured, these leaves become a dazzling vibrant red, before turning to bronze then dark green. Panicles of small, creamy-white flowers appear in late spring, often followed by red berries.

Photinia Red Robin thrives in most soils, except for heavy clays or those prone to waterlogging. Whilst happy in both sun or partial shade, the red foliage will emerge more vibrant when in full sun.

Whether kept sharp and formal or left as a more rounded screen, this hedge will provide a wealth of colour and interest to any planting scheme. Its bushy habit makes an excellent privacy screen and offers protection from wind and mild pollution.

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