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Cherry Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus 'Rotundifolia')


About Cherry Laurel

A versatile, fast-growing, hardy evergreen, boasting excellent year-round screening, tolerant of very dry sites and pollution.

The Cherry Laurel or Common Laurel remains a highly popular go-to hedge and not without reason. Its incredibly dense habit, robust nature and lush foliage, makes for a highly functional barrier hedge or decorative screen.

Glossy, bright green, 10-15cm ovate leaves with a slightly serrated edge are joined in spring by an abundance of sweetly fragrant, nectar-rich, white
flowers on long, erect racemes. These are followed by small red fruits, later turning black in the autumn.

Cherry Laurel will thrive in all but waterlogged or chalky soils. Hardy to -150C, it’s suitable for exposed sites in full sun or the deepest shade.

Equally attractive whether trimmed into a formal box-shape or left more natural, it provides a wonderful aesthetic feature to any planting scheme. Quite often seen planted by roadsides, its impenetrable habit offers the perfect protection against environmental pollution in addition to making a fabulous privacy screen.

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