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Holly (Ilex aquifolium)


About Holly

A versatile, slow-growing, native evergreen, with an impenetrable dense, prickly nature, tolerant of drought, wind and pollution.

Dense, robust and undemanding, the Holly offers an excellent solution to securing more problematic sites, whilst providing ornamental value.

Glossy, dark green undulate leaves with unusually deep, spiny edges provide contrast to the clusters of small white, nectar-rich flowers that appear in late spring. The bright red berries which follow in autumn are a welcome sight, often remaining on the branches well into winter.

Holly excels in any well-drained soil and is tough enough to withstand both exposed inland and coastal sites in full sun or very deep shade. 

In addition to making a highly attractive formal hedge, worthy of most planting schemes, the Holly’s prickly foliage will ward off humans and animals alike, making it a highly functional security hedge also. It is advised that protective gloves are used when pruning.

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