Berberis (Berberis thunbergii)

About Berberis

A natural intruder deterrent, this robust, easy to maintain, slow-growing deciduous is ideal for exposed sites, tolerating poorer soils.

Elegant, compact and hardy to -20*C, the Jap​anese Barberry or Berberis offers a stunning array of seasonal interest, ideal for those seeking a low level hedge with ornamental value.

Smooth 2-3cm obovate green leaves born from thorny stems, are joined in spring by scented, nectar-rich yellow cupped flowers. In early autumn beautiful glossy scarlet-red berries appear, matched by a dazzling display of foilage, turning orange, red and purple before dropping in winter.

Berberis grow well in virtually any well-drained soil and are tough enough to withstand both exposed inland and coastal sites whether in full sun or partial shade.

In addition to making a highly attractive formal hedge, worthy of most planting schemes, Berberis' vicious thorns ward off humans and animals alike, making it a functional security hedge also. With that in mind it is advised that protective gloves are used when pruning.

Chalk, Clay, Sand, Loam
Full sun, dappled or partial shade
Slow growing
10-25cm per year approximately
When dormany or late spring after flowering
Security barrier, formal hedging, prevents erosion
Deer resistant
Not suitable for livestock
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