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Berberis (Berberis thunbergii)


About Berberis

A natural intruder deterrent, this robust, easy to maintain, slow-growing deciduous is ideal for exposed sites, tolerating poorer soils.

Elegant, compact and hardy to -20*C, the Jap​anese Barberry or Berberis offers a stunning array of seasonal interest, ideal for those seeking a low level hedge with ornamental value.

Smooth 2-3cm obovate green leaves born from thorny stems, are joined in spring by scented, nectar-rich yellow cupped flowers. In early autumn beautiful glossy scarlet-red berries appear, matched by a dazzling display of foilage, turning orange, red and purple before dropping in winter.

Berberis grow well in virtually any well-drained soil and are tough enough to withstand both exposed inland and coastal sites whether in full sun or partial shade.

In addition to making a highly attractive formal hedge, worthy of most planting schemes, Berberis' vicious thorns ward off humans and animals alike, making it a functional security hedge also. With that in mind it is advised that protective gloves are used when pruning.

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