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Native Mix (Hazel, Hawthorn, Dogwood, Blackthorn & Buckthorn)


About Native Mix

A hedge for all seasons, this robust native deciduous mix with its wildlife-rich habitat, foraging value and dense thorny bait, is ideal for exposed sites.

The sheer diversity of this native mix both in its array of seasonal interest and the wildlife it supports, make this undemanding hedge worthy of inclusion in most planting schemes.

From Spring, the emerging yellow fluffy catkins and abundant nectar-rich blossom provide contrast to the stunning range of colour and texture. Light-changing stems and thorny branches play host to a wonderful blue, black and red autumnal fruits.

This native mix grows well in virtually any well-drained soil and is tough enough to withstand both exposed inland and coastal sites in full sun or partial shade.

Whether clipped to a formal shape or left wild for a more rustic feel, it can significantly help to reduce both dust and noise pollution. Its vicious thorns serve well to those seeking a security barrier, whilst its dense habit acts as an ideal windbreak and privacy screen.

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