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Sea Buckthorn Mix (Mulberry, Serviceberry and Cornus mas)


About Sea Buckthorn Mix

A robust and highly versatile deciduous mix, boasting season-long interest and foraging value, tolerant of poorer soils and exposed sites.

Rich with wildlife and season-long interest, our Sea Buckthorn mix, with it’s hardy, undemanding nature and soil stabilising qualities, is ideal for those seeking a more rustic hedge with ornamental value.

From spring, the emerging nectar-rich blossom provide contrast to the stunning range of colour, shape and leaf texture. Decorative stems and thorny branches play host to a wide range of red, orange and purple edible fruits.

This Sea Buckthorn mix grows well in virtually any well-drained soil and is tough enough to withstand both exposed inland and coastal sites in full sun or partial shade.

A highly desirable hedge, that provides a barrier against wind, noise and dust pollution. Its vicious thorns serve well to those seeking a security barrier, whilst its dense habit acts as an ideal windbreak and privacy screen.

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