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Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna)


About Hawthorn

A versatile, fast-growing native deciduous with an impenetrable dense, thorny nature, ideal for wetter soils and exposed sites.

Rich with seasonal interest and wildlife value, the Hawthorn, with its robust, undemanding nature, dense habit and rustic charm, possesses all the qualities of a fine hedge.

Its distinctive heavily lobed 3-5cm glossy, dark green leaves are joined in spring by sprays of almond-scented, nectar-rich creamy-white blossom. Clusters of bright red fruits known as 'haws' follow in autumn which often remain on the branches long after the leaves have fallen.

Hawthorn thrives in any well-drained soil and withstands both exposed inland and coastal sites whether in full sun or partial shade. 

Historically linked to farming, this prevalent countryside hedge boasts multiple applications. Traditionally used for securing farmsteads from unwanted visitors and for livestock containment, the Hawthorn also serves well as a windbreak or privacy screen in addition to providing a rich source of food for foragers.

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