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Oval Leaf Privet (Ligustrum ovalifolium)


About Oval Leaf Privet

A dense, fast-growing, versatile semi-evergreen, tolerant of wind, shade and heavy pollution, ideal as a formal hedge for urban environments.

Semi-evergreen, the Oval Leaf Privet remains a highly popular choice for both its dense screening and topiary value. Whilst it may lose some of its internal leaves in cold winters when exposed, the outside face often remains evergreen in appearance.

Lustrous, dark-green, 7cm oval leaves, provide the perfect backdrop to the abundance of nectar-rich, scented white flowers that merge in summer, later followed by shiny, spherical, black fruit.

Thriving in virtually any well-drained soil, the Oval Leaf Privet is tough enough to withstand both exposed inland and coastal sites whether in full sun or heavier shade.

In addition to making a fabulous formal hedge that can be clipped to smooth curves or split-level designs, the Oval Leaf Privet makes a highly effective barrier against wind, dust and noise pollution. A great choice for more demanding urban sites that require privacy screening.

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