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Green Beech (Fagus sylvatica)


About Green Beech

A classic low-maintenance native, compact in habit and shade tolerant, providing all year round interest and privacy.

Marvelled​ for its beauty by gardening enthusiasts, the Green Beech, whilst deciduous clings to its leaves during winter until the new growth pushes through in the spring.

In spring, low-branching stems bear lustrous, lightly veined 4-9cm lime-green leaves, wavy edged and fringed with silky hairs. Maturing foliage darkens and becomes more leathery, changing to a glorious buttery-yellow in autumn and rich russet in winter when the hedge is dormant.

Green Beech excels in a moist, but well-drained soil, so heavy clays or those prone to water-logging are best avoided. Suitable for exposed sites, tolerating full sun or partial shade.

Ideal as a formal hedge, its lush, light reflecting foliage provides the perfect contrast to many planting schemes. Clipping in late summer will aid leaf retention in winter, enhancing its value as a barrier to pollution and wind with the addition of providing a decorative privacy screen.

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