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Yew (Taxus baccata)


About Yew

An Elveden speciality, this robust, highly versatile, slow-growing evergreen, boasts excellent wind, shade and drought resistance.

A 'classic' country house hedge, the Yew, which ouses decadence when formally maintained, is a long-living native conifer providing year-round interest and screening.

Flat, dark-green needle-like glossesy leaves which grow in two rows upon shoots are joined in spring by bright-green, fresh new growth. In summer, clusters of insignificant yellow scaly flowers appear, which if pollinated turn into vibrant, fleshy, red berries during autumn.

Yew tolerates drier conditions and excels in most well-drained soils, except those that are highly acidic or prone to waterlogging. Suitable for exposed sites (not coastal), whether in full sun or deep shade.

This 'King of Hedges' clips beautifully into classic lines and spectacular topiary features, providing aesthetic value to formal settings. Its dense habit makes for an excellent privacy screen and barrier against noise, wind and dust pollution.

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